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From fruity flavours to multi-colours, you'll find an ALLEN'S lolly to suit everyone! Chew on jelly ALLEN'S lollies including favourites like SNAKES ALIVE and PARTY MIX.

If you like your lollies minty fresh, pick KOOL MINTS or ODDFELLOWS Mint, Spearmint, Smokers or Strongmint!

When you're looking for something different to tickle your taste buds suck on ALLEN'S Lollipops or if you want it chewy, you can't go wrong with MACKINTOSH Toffees.


Whether the traditional taste of creamy MACKINTOSH'S Toffees, the uniqueness of the chewy centered KOOL Fruits, the ALLEN’S Classics range has something that everyone loves!

Pick up a pack today and keep that great Kiwi tradition alive for more generations to indulge.


All your favourites, from ALLEN'S PARTY MIX, through to SNAKES ALIVE, they make for a great treat!


ALLEN'S ODDFELLOW's and KOOL mints come in a variety of flavours including Strongmint & Spearmint, great for a fresh blast!