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BLACK KNIGHT Licorice has been a Kiwi made favourite for generations. Made to traditional standards of excellence from real root licorice extract, with natural colours and flavours, it is 97% fat free and the licorice taste that licorice lovers crave. With different textures and flavours, you can choose from the firm Twists and Supertwists, or you can mix it up with a boxed Licorice Assortment or mixed bag Licorice Medley. Whatever type of BLACK KNIGHT Licorice you choose, you can be sure that it maintains that unique BLACK KNIGHT flavour that licorice lovers are crazy about.

BLACK KNIGHT Licorice Twists

You’ll find two Licorice Twists in every pack – just enough to satisfy your licorice cravings.

BLACK KNIGHT Supertwists

Enjoy Supertwists, great as a treat and can be unwound for decorating.

BLACK KNIGHT Licorice Assortment

Enjoy the variety of different traditional shapes – twists, laces,pea shooters and ribbons plus the variety of textures that the Licorice Assortment offers. This boxed Assortment makes a great gift for any licorice lover.

BLACK KNIGHT Licorice Medley

Made for easy sharing, grab a bag of licorice medley. These short cut licorice pieces are a simple way to enjoy the real licorice taste that licorice lovers crave.