UNCLE TOBYS Oats Gourmet Temptations


A premium blend of the finest, creamiest oats with tasty fruits and nuts.

UNCLE TOBYS Oats Gourmet Temptations blends selected premium oats with either fruit or nut pieces, to create creamy, delicious hot oats. Choose from two sumptuous flavours. The oats used in Oats Gourmet Temptations are rolled ultra-thin so they are smooth, creamy and ready in just 90 seconds. Available in single-serve sachets for ultra-convenience and premium freshness. Start your day off with a little nutritious indulgence.

Key Nutritional Benefits

  • Made from UNCLE TOBYS whole grain oats
  • Made with premium fruit or nut pieces
  • Source of fibre
  • All UNCLE TOBYS Gourmet Temptations are 4 stars

Did you know?

  1. 100% Australian grown and specially selected premium oats
  2. Convenient single-serve sachets ready in just 90 seconds
  3. Delicious blends of premium oats with fruit or nuts

Flavours & Variants

  • Berry & Nut Variety Pack: Pear, Raspberry & Maple; Almond, Hazelnut & Vanilla; Cranberry, Raspberry & Strawberry