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Why Work at Nestlé

At Nestlé Oceania, we give you the chance to stand out while being part of something outstanding.

A compelling purpose

We are driven by a simple aim. As the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, we are committed to enhance lives, throughout life, with good food and beverages. This means creating long-term sustainable value for consumers, communities and colleagues alike – through the brands, support and careers we offer.

A fulfilling career journey – today and tomorrow

We put the emphasis on individual responsibility, opportunity and autonomy. We encourage growth through continuous on-the-job development and a fast paced environment that will stretch and build your expertise daily. We encourage our people to view their career as a journey; to think not about a vertical career ladder and a new job every 18 months, but a long-term aspiration to broaden their exposure or deepen their skills over time. Adopt this mindset and you’ll find we are equally forward-thinking, recognising that your career priorities will change and flex as you grow.

We’ll support your personal growth with a team-focused culture, people practices that see you through different stages of your life, and a supportive working environment on a personal and professional level.

Collaborating with exceptional people at a local and global level

Our diverse, truly global environment means you can draw on an incredibly broad spectrum of experiences and outlooks, and learn from exceptional people in a huge range of professions. Because we work across teams, territories and continents, you can have opportunities to impact global initiatives at the local level, or to work with people in a variety of different functions on a daily basis.

A personal challenge

As supportive and collaborative as we are, it’s important not to under-estimate the challenge. Excelling here means sharing our passion for enhancing lives; delivering high levels of individual and team performance, living up to our exemplary standards of integrity, honesty and fair dealing; and taking ownership of your future.

Do this and you’ll soon discover that our leading brands, our emphasis on growth, and our size and scale will make this a unique career environment for experienced, driven professionals from every discipline.