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Graduate Streams

Graduate Streams

Graduate Streams

At Nestlé, we're looking to build a healthy sustainable future to delight our consumers and take care of the people in our world. To make this vision a reality, we need a lot of different people, with a lot of different skills, to make that happen. That's why the Next Gen Nestlé program is looking for future leaders across key areas of our business.

What We Are Looking For

  • To succeed in the Next Gen Nestlé program, we're looking for graduates who are:
  • Self-motivated – are you a quick to learn and seize opportunities?
  • Innovative – are you ready for challenges and able to think of creative ways to solve problems?
  • Adaptable – in the FMCG world, things move quickly. Are you flexible and excited by change?
  • Smart workers – can you prioritise, simplify and work collaboratively?
  • Insightful - can you spot opportunities and act on them?
  • Driven – not only to deliver results, but on your promise as well.


Graduate Stream


  • Why do people buy and how can we maximise our promotions? As you gain insights into consumer and shopper behaviour, you'll help create compelling sales offers and develop integrated shopper campaigns that excite and entertain.

    In your first year, you'll be an Area Manager in our field sales team. Here you'll manage a group of stores and merchandisers, working with Store Managers to organise orders, promotions and product merchandising.

    In your second year, you'll work in a marketing team learning how new products are conceived, created and launched, as well as how brands communicate themselves to consumers. You'll also spend time in a Channel Sales Development (CCSD) team where you'll work with our retail partners to plan promotional activity and integrated shopper campaigns.

    It's a dynamic and strategic experience that gives you a platform to start your career within a Nestlé sales team.

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