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AUT Millennium

Nestlé is a foundation sponsor of AUT Millennium in the area of nutrition. Our partnership commenced in 2002 when the Institute first opened. Together we have created a wide range of resources and initiatives to encourage good nutrition and being physically active. Our goal is to help maximise New Zealand athletes’ and sports peoples performance and potential through eating well for their sport. More widely a number of initiatives have been developed to encourage healthy eating, nutrition understanding and physical activity throughout the community both for children and adults.

These initiatives include interactive resources at AUT Millennium, educational resources for use in schools, wellness initiatives for the general public and nutrition resources targeted at sports people and associated professionals.

Together we look forward to continuing to develop new initiatives that ultimately build a healthier nation.

autm_280x180.jpgNestlé New Zealand is a foundation sponsor of AUT Millennium in the area of nutrition.
nutritionadvicesheets_280x180.jpgFind out how to eat well to maximise your sporting performance with these Nutrition Advice Sheets for over 20 sports.
fitfoodfast_280x180.jpgFit Food Fast is a collection of quick nutritious recipes suitable for families on the run.
nhak_280x180.jpgThe Nestlé Healthy Active Kids programme aims to increase both basic knowledge of nutrition and physical exercise in school-aged children
fit_healthy_you_280x180.jpgThis free A Fit & Healthy You booklet, covers eating for good health, keeping your body healthy, ideas for getting moving, hydration, how to balance your life and much more.
fitfoodforwinners_280x180.jpgFit Food for Winners is a sports cookbook developed by Nestlé New Zealand and AUT Millennium