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A Fit & Healthy You

We all deserve to live a long, happy and healthy life. In order to make this achievable, we need to look after ourselves. The way we eat, sleep and exercise makes an enormous difference to the way we think, feel and perform each day. A Fit & Healthy You has been written by Claire Turnbull; Nutritionist for Millennium Institute of Sport & Health with input from of the nutrition team at Nestlé and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

Designed for the New Zealand adult public, this 36 page booklet covers:

  • eating for good health
  • keeping your body healthy
  • managing a busy life
  • label reading
  • foods to choose when eating out
  • ideas for getting moving
  • hydration
  • how to get a good night’s sleep
  • how to balance your life

The booklet is easy to read, visually interesting, and entertaining; it can be picked up and a few pages read at a time. The message is that even small changes to your lifestyle and eating habits can make a big difference to overall wellbeing and the right time to make those changes is now.

Download A Fit & Healthy You (pdf, 6mb)