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5 healthy habits for men & women to embrace

5 Healthy Habits to Embrace

Eating well can sometimes feel like hard work but it really doesn’t have to be! By making a few small changes and building some healthy habits you can easily boost your energy and be all round healthier inside and out. So, I have a challenges for you…make these 5 healthy habit for a month and see how much better you feel…

Healthy Habit 1: Start your day the right way

A wholesome nourious breakfast packed with the nutrients you need is the best way to set yourself up for the day. Make breakfast a priority. Here are some great ideas:

  • Uncle toby’s rolled oats cooked with low fat milk and berries, sprinkle with chopped nuts
  • Smoothie made from a banana (ideally frozen), low fat milk, a tablespoon of oats and a tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Omelette made with lots of vegggies like onion, tomato, spinach and mushrooms
  • Wholegrain breakfast cereal with low fat milk/yoghurt and chopped fresh fruit

Healthy Habit 2: Pack your snacks

When life gets busy, it is all too easy just to grab a muffin, slice or cookie to keep you going, but if this is happenening reguarlly, it won’t be doing your health or your wallet any favours.

Instead – pack your snacks. Either just after you have cleaned up from dinner or when you get up in the morning, sort yourself some healthy snacks for the day ahead. Here are some great ideas:

  • A small hnadful of raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Here are some great combos for you to try
  • Fresh fruit and a low fat yoghurt (pack in a chilly bag)
  • Wholegrain crackers and small can tuna/salmon
  • Raw veggies like cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucucmber, snow peas
  • Plain fruit bun/fruit bread

Healthy Habit 3: Drink Water

It sounds so obvious – but all too often it can be tempting to go for a sweetned drink, which often have a lot more sugar than you might realise which can boost your energy and then leave you feeling flat!

A 375ml bottle of ginger beer or lemon lime and bitters for example has 10tsp sugar; a 600ml bottle of cola has 15tsp of suagr and also be mindful that some ‘favoured/herbal waters’ have added sugar too. It pays to check the amount of sugar per bottle, 4g sugar = 1 tsp.

Have water with your meals rather than juice or something sweet. Carry a bottle of water with you when you are out and about and when you go into a café or restaurant – order still or sparkingly water to the table.

Healthy Habit 4: Re portion your dinner

At night, aim for ½ of your plate to be full of non starchy vegetables (about 2 cups full!). You don’t need more than a palm sized portion of lean meat/fish or other protein rich foods and when it comes to the starchy stuff like rice, pasta, potatoes, kumara and couscous – a fist sized portion is about right. Read more about portions here

Healthy Habit 5: Eat mindfully

When it comes time to eat – turn the TV off, be away from your computer and enjoy a few minutes away from distractions. You are more likely to overeat when you are doing other things at the same time and also – you need to remember to chew your food probably to help prevent indigestion rather than just gobbling it down without really even tasting it.

By Claire Turnbull. NZ Registered Nutritionist, AUT/Millennium. For more information about Claire, visit her website: