Creative Christmas Leftover Ideas

Hold onto some of those great Christmas memories by enjoying holiday leftovers in new, creative ways. By utilising leftovers – like roast lamb, ham, or baked Christmas treats – you’ll be creating tasty new dishes, plus helping your wallet!

Always ensure that any leftovers have been kept at a food-safe temperature level, and that they are still suitable to eat and have not passed their use by date.

Christmas Ham > Pita Pizzas

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Turn leftover Christmas ham into toppings for quick, easy pizzas.

Christmas Pudding > A layer in a trifle dessert

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Use crumbled fruit cake or plum pudding as a layer in trifle.

Dinner rolls > Salad croutons

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Leftover bread rolls or French sticks are perfect to toast up for crunchy salad croutons.

Roast Chicken or Beef > Mexican Fajitas

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Mexican food, like Chicken Enchiladas, are a breeze with leftover roast meats – you could use beef or chicken for this dish.