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Healthier Baking Tips

Healthy Habits When You TravelWhether you’re on a special diet, have food allergies to particular ingredients, or are simply looking for a lighter version of your favourite brownie, muffin, or cupcake – there are tips to suit you.


  1. Substitute or cut down on sugar
    Try reducing the amount of sugar in the recipe, or consider other sweet alternatives like stevia, agave syrup, or pureed fruits.
  2. Embrace healthy fats!
    Try using unsweetened yoghurt, seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils such as canola oil in your baking.
  3. Add wholesome ingredients
    Try adding some bran to your muffins to up the fibre content. You could also try adding nuts or seeds, which will to increase the vitamins and healthy fats content.
  4. Enjoy Balance
    The key to good health and happiness is moderation. Enjoy sweets and treats on special occasions, being sure to balance things with fresh healthy foods and plenty of exercise.