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Nutrition in a Nutshell

Following the advice and dietary guidelines necessary for maintaining health and vitality can be simple. The following information will help you to select nutritious foods for the pantry and plan nutritious meals.

Pantry staples include:

  • Cans of baked beans, kidney beans and spaghetti for quick meals.
  • Canned fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines to provide protein and fish oils.
  • Canned vegetables such as peas, corn, beetroot, asparagus, carrots.
  • Whole wheat biscuits and crackers.
  • Dried fruits and nuts such as prunes, sultanas, dried apricots, unsalted cashews and peanuts.
  • High fibre cereals such as bran flakes, rolled oats, whole wheat cereal biscuits, raw muesli.
  • Canned fruit such as pineapple rings, pears, peaches.
  • Canned vegetable soup like pumpkin, tomato, pea and ham.
  • Skim milk powder for adding extra protein to milk drinks and soups.
  • Rice, pasta, 2 minute noodles, potatoes, bread, fruit bread for energy giving carbohydrates.
  • Herbs, spices and stir fry or pasta sauces to enhance the flavour of your meals.

Fridge staples include:

  • Reduced fat dairy products to provide calcium and protein such as milk, yogurt, cheese, custard, ice cream.
  • Fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, avocado, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, snow peas.

Sample Meal Plan


Bowl of porridge made with 1/2 cup of milk topped with 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries
Small glass of fruit juice
Piece of wholemeal toast with margarine and jam
Provides: 1 1/2 serves of breads/cereals, 1 1/2 serves of fruit, 1/2 serve of dairy, 1/2 serve of extra food.

Morning Snack

Glass of reduced fat milk
Medium apple muffin
Provides: 1 serve of breads/cereals, 1 serve of dairy.


1/2 cup of baked beans
2 slices of wholemeal toast with a scrape of margarine
Side salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery, capsicum) with low fat dressing
Provides: 1 serve of breads/cereals, 2 serves of vegetables, 1 serve of meat, 1 serve extra food.

Afternoon Snack

1/2 cup of fresh fruit salad with 1/2 tub of natural vanilla yogurt
Provides: 1 serve of dairy, 1/2 serve of fruit.


2 small lean grilled lamb chops (sprinkled with fresh rosemary)
1 1/2 cups of vegetables (corn kernels, pumpkin, peas)
1 medium potato
1 small dinner roll with margarine
Provides: 1 serve of breads/cereals, 4 serves of vegetables, 1 serve of meat, 1/2 serve of extra food.

Evening Snack

Mug of hot MILO with reduced fat milk
Handful of mixed dried fruit and nuts
Provides: 1 serve of dairy, 1 serve of fruit, 1/2 serve of meat.
Your fluid intake is just as important as the food you eat. Try to drink at least 2 litres of fluid every day

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