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Nestlé International

Henri Nestlé
Henri Nestlé, Founder

In 1867, at a time of high infant mortality, Henri Nestlé developed a milk-based food for babies unable to feed from their mothers. Within five years, NESTLÉ Milk was being sold around the world as a food for babies, old people and the infirm. Rapid development followed and Nestlé soon diversified into other areas with the introduction of a condensed milk product, followed by a move into the growing chocolate industry.

Henri Nestlé endowed his company with the symbol derived from his name. His family coat of arms, the nest with a mother bird protecting her young, became the Company's logo and a symbol of the Company's care and attitude to life-long nutrition. The Nestlé nest represents the nourishment, security and sense of family that are so essential to life.

Although Henri bowed out of the Company in 1875, the name was retained and in 1905 it merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company to form a dynamic new venture known simply as Nestlé. We have since then continued to develop through product innovation and acquisitions.

Nestlé New Zealand

The Nestlé trade mark was first registered in New Zealand in Wellington in 1885. Our heritage brands include HIGHLANDER, MILO, MAGGI and NESCAFÉ. Whilst Nestlé is well known for its confectionery business, this represents only a small part of today’s product portfolio.

Historical Timeline: Nestlé Global & Oceania Key Dates

1866 Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Cofounded in Switzerland.
1867 Henri Nestlé developed Farine Lactée, the first infant food.
1884 Merchant Arthur H. Nathan of Auckland is appointed wholesale agent for Nestlé.
1885 The Nestlé bird's nest trademark is registered in Wellington.
1890 Underwood Milk Condensory in Invercargill New Zealand is built, closed in 1965.

1901 Murrays Limited takes over Underwood factory in Invercargill.
1904 Nestlé added chocolate to its product range when Peter and Kohler Swiss General Chocolate Company produced milk chocolate under the NESTLÉ trademark.
1905 Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co merged.
1911 Dennington Condensed Milk factory built in Australia (largest in the world during the war).
1913 A sales offie is established in Shortland Street, Auckland.
1914 Heards Ltd is first established as a small confectionery shop in Henley Street, Parnell, Auckland.
1915 New Zealand Milk Products is formed and buys out Murrays Ltd.
1920 Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (Australasia) Ltd sell imported chocolate, baby food and milks in New Zealand.
1921 Heards Ltd moves its premises to Parnell Road, Auckland. They make a wide range of confectionery including BLACK KNIGHT licorice.
1928 Nestlé's sales office opens in Jervois Quay, Wellington.
1929 Sarotti & the Peter, Cailler, Kohler Chocolats Suisses S.A. merged with Nestlé. This marked the Group’s entry into the chocolate and confectionery business in Europe.
1929 Nestlé confectionery factory opened in Parnell, Auckland. Closed in 1988.
1929 Nestlé's sales office open in Lichfield Street, Christchurch and Lower High Street, Dunedin.
1934 MILO is first developed in Australia.
1935 MILO imported from Australia sells in New Zealand.
1937 Nestlé develops the world's first instant coffee - NESCAFÉ.
1938 Nestlé takes full ownership of New Zealand Milk Products.
1940 MILO is produced in New Zealand for the first time at the Underwood factory in Invercargill.
1947 The MAGGI Company merged with Nestlé. Company name became Nestlé Alimentana SA. This marked the Group’s entry into the culinary products business.
1949 NESTLÉ Rapid Soups first sold in New Zealand.

1952 MAGGI soups launched in New Zealand.
1958 Bulk soluble NESCAFÉ is imported and packed in tins at the Parnell factory in Auckland.
1960 Crosse & Blackwell (British culinary products company) acquired Pakenham Factory, Australia.
1962 Cambria Park Factory, Auckland, commenced production.
1962 Acquired 80% of Frisco – Findus (by 1974, 100% acquired). Sale of the FINDUS brand and part of the frozen food business in Europe took place in 1999.
1964 MAGGI sauce mixes are launched.
1965 Production of milk products and MILO is transferred to Cambria Park factory from the Underwood factory.
1967 MAGGI stock powders and cubes are launched.
1970 Launch of NESTLÉ'S QUIK.
1974 Minority interest in L’Oreal (cosmetics) acquired.
1975 MAGGI Soup for One instant soup is launched.
1975 NESCAFÉ Mild Roast is launched.
1976 Nestlé New Zealand is appointed sole selling agents for Heards Limited, confectioners.
1977 Acquired Alcon (ophthalmologic products).
1980 NESCAFÉ Classic is launched; New Zealand's first coffee granules.
1980 Nestlé Pacific Islands (NPI) set up as a separate business.
1982 MAGGI Cook-in-the-Pot is launched in New Zealand.
1985 Carnation business purchased (milk products, culinary products, entry of the Group into the pet food business under the brand FRISKIES).
1985 MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles are launched in New Zealand.
1985 Nestlé acquires Carnation, which includes FRISKIES GO-CAT.
1986 Heards confectionery business in New Zealand purchased; included Waiuku factory which was closed in 2003.
1987 Nestlé Pacific Islands (NPI)  opened factory at Lae, PNG.
1988 Buitoni-Perugina purchased by Nestlé. (Italian Cuisine: BUITONI; chocolate: PERUGINA),   Rowntree (chocolate and confectionery business) purchased.
1988 Nestlé acquires Rowntree Mackintosh which includes KIT KAT.
1989 Pet food business of Arnott Harper acquired.
1989 Nestlé Australia purchases 100% of ALLEN'S LIFESAVERS.
1991 New Zealand production of MACKINTOSH'S toffees and ODDFELLOW mints transfers to Nestlé.
1991 FANCY FEAST canned cat food is launched.
1992 Nanda (pasta) business purchased. Sold in 1999.
1992 Animal Health Food Company (TUX brand) purchased in New Zealand.
1992 Nestlé purchases Perrier mineral water.
1994 The ALLEN'S brand is launched in New Zealand.
1995 Regina confectionery factory in Oamaru, New Zealand, purchased. Closed in 2001.
1999 MAGGI Vegetable Sensations and Taste of Asia are launched.
1999 Nestlé Oceania region formed. This includes Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

2000 Nestlé New Zealand commences marketing and selling WONKA.
2001 Nestlé purchases Ralston Purina.
2002 Sponsorship of Millennium Institute of Sport & Health.
2003 Nestlé Switzerland acquired the MOVENPICK ice cream brand on a worldwide basis. This includes Australia and New Zealand.
2003 Expansion of Cambria Park factory increases production, creating 65 new jobs.
2003 Nestlé New Zealand commences marketing and selling PURINA.
2004 Launch of Lean Cuisine.
2004 TUX celebrates 50 years.
2005 Nestlé New Zealand celebrates 120 years.
2005 MILO celebrates 70 years.
2006 Uncle Tobys is purchased by Nestlé.
2006 Jenny Craig is purchased by Nestlé.
2007 Novartis is purchased by Nestlé.
2010 Nestlé Head Office moved to Stanley Street Parnell into a new 4 Green Star Building.
2011 Nespresso Boutique opened in Auckland.
2012 Nestlé purchases Pfizer nutrition.