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Tackling food waste in New Zealand

Food Waste


Nestlé is committed to helping reduce food loss and waste by working with partners across the value chain, governments, NGOs and our consumers. 

Put simply: we want every piece of food produced to be valued. 

Around a third of the food produced globally is lost, or wasted1 and each year in New Zealand over 150,000 tonnes of food is sent to landfill2 that could be eaten– all while one in five Kiwi kids live in households that are moderate to severely food insecure3. This food waste also accounts for 4% of New Zealand’s total emissions4.

To further our action to prevent food waste in all parts of our value chain, Nestlé New Zealand has joined the Kai Commitment as a founding signatory.

The Kai Commitment is an agreement by leading food sector businesses designed to reduce food (kai) waste and emissions from food waste across New Zealand’s food supply chain. 

The Kai Commitment is an initiative of the New Zealand Food Waste Champions 12.3 Trust, which drives progress toward UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 to halve food waste by 2023 in Aotearoa’s food supply chain. 

The Kai Commitment, supported by the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment, provides a framework for action and a standard of best practice in food waste prevention and reduction within the food industry, bringing together a community of like-minded organisations to facilitate a more efficient, resilient and sustainable food system.