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Coffee is one of Nestlé’s most important commodities. Globally, demand for coffee continues to rise, but with limited arable land available and with other crops competing with coffee for space, there are considerable challenges for producers. Further significant challenges including climate change, crop diseases, water shortage and people leaving farms for cities, all threaten the future of coffee.

We are proud to say that 100% of our Nescafé Classic coffee beans are sustainably sourced, thanks to 4C verification. We work closely with farmers and communities to ensure we deliver the best tasting coffee made with care and respect.

The Nescafé Plan 2030

Over a decade ago, we launched a global coffee sustainability initiative called the Nescafé Plan. In 2022, we defined our sustainability ambition for the next decade with the launch of the Nescafé Plan 2030

Through the Nescafé Plan 2030, we are accelerating our action to support a more inclusive and sustainable future for the coffee sector, using our heritage, scale and reach to help uplift lives and livelihoods from farm to cup. Regenerative agriculture sits at the heart of the Plan. We will work with farmers to help them adopt regenerative agriculture practices that will help reduce carbon emissions and help improve farms' productivity, with the aim of improving farmers' incomes.

We also support and implement various types of training for farmers that support their economic resilience and build a body of knowledge around best practices. These cover topics like helping address local human rights issues, such as gender disparities.

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