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Total Rewards

Our appeal to new and existing people doesn’t just rest on the financial rewards and benefits we offer. Our name conveys hard-earned value and trust in all our people. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships between people managers and fellow employees. We offer a global, diverse and enriching environment. And we have countless potential to learn and grow. All these factors – our Total Rewards as we call them – contribute to our appeal.

The common elements of our Total Rewards approach are:

  • Fixed Pay
  • Variable Pay
  • Benefits
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Work Life Environment

When it comes to our Fixed and Variable Pay, our structures are competitive and reviewed against industry standards to ensure we attract and retain the best. We also reward our people with incentive programs to inspire high performance and recognise success. This builds our results-focused and performance driven culture.

Underpinning our approach to reward is our recognition framework. Whether it’s a simple thank you at a team meeting, a gift card, or getting to pitch your idea to senior leaders, recognition is an integral part of our high performance culture. Your contributions can be recognised in a variety of ways and from a variety of people – your peers, your direct reports, your stakeholders or your manager.