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Nutrition is one of our three global Creating Shared Value priorities.

It's such an important issue for us because food and nutrition are the basis of good health and we believe that nutritional awareness and the desire for improved health and wellness will increasingly drive consumer choice.

We invest in continuous development and improvement in the nutrition profile of products in all categories and in the strengthening of our recipe database management for finer nutrition analysis and tracking.

In Oceania, we are focused on three key areas to deliver on Nestlé's Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategic direction:

  • Continuously improving the nutritional profile of our product range, monitoring new and existing products for their content of total fat, saturated fat, sugar and other sensitive nutrients.
  • Creating an internal culture of health and nutrition across our workforce through continuous awareness and education activities around nutritional matters.
  • Driving consumer demand for nutritious products by ensuring our products are formulated and labelled to help consumers meet their nutritional needs and through consumer education programs.

Our operating policies have been supported by mandatory policies for the reduction of all public-health sensitive nutrients: Trans fatty acids, salt, sugar, saturated fats. However the challenge remains to create nutrition, health and wellness products that are successful and sustainable in the marketplace.

To continue to build on our capacity to improve the nutritional value of our products and to promote them responsibly, we employ over 31 dietitians across our business.

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