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Diversity & Inclusion

At Nestlé, we drive diversity & inclusion through our impact on:

by building an inclusive culture, leveraging on the differences of our employees when working together


by thinking about the needs of diverse consumers and customers in our products & services and being inclusive in their accessibility – whenever, wherever, however


by acting and engaging in an inclusive way with society and stakeholders in our diverse business environments across the entire value chain

Our culture of diversity and inclusion benefits both our people and our consumers.

A diverse workplace challenges and inspires the ways we think, innovate and create. At Nestlé, we constantly seek new and better ways to work together, building from our past success into the future.

We believe that the many different backgrounds, ways of thinking and cultural experiences of our people at every level of our business, makes for a richer workplace and gives us the insight and innovation to grow and continually delight our equally diverse consumers.

We are a people-inspired company; respect and trust are our greatest strengths. We place high value on the unique perspectives that people bring to our team which sharpens our performance and drives our business.


Respect for diversity means respect for other ways of thinking, other cultures, and all facets of society, and requires openness and inclusiveness in all our interactions both inside and outside our company.

Diversity and Inclusion are an integral part of the Nestlé culture. We aim to provide a workplace culture that generates equal opportunities for everyone, where people are treated with dignity and respect. We are expanding our efforts to strengthen this inclusive culture. It is helping us leverage the unique skills, knowledge and experiences of our diverse workforce.


Gender Balance has been a priority for us since 2008, and it helped us to increase the number of women at all levels in the organisation. We want to be a gender balanced company by creating the enabling conditions in our work environment to achieve annual increases in the percentage of women managers and senior leaders. Our global and local initiatives on gender diversity include:

  • Development opportunities: mentoring and coaching programs
  • A flexible and supportive work environment
  • Role model events, round tables and network discussions
  • Leadership development training and unconscious bias workshops
  • Maternity Protection Policy
How We Work
We know priorities – at home and work – can blend and blur on any given day. We trust our people to make choices about when and where they get their job done, so that they can better balance their work and personal commitments. In fact, our flexible and inclusive work culture has been recognised with a Flex Able certification from WORK180 social enterprise.
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diversity and inclusion at Nestle