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Diversity & Inclusion


Integral to our culture

Diversity & inclusion is our everyday reality. We respect and encourage uniqueness and potential regardless of your race, gender, culture, sexual orientation or disability.

Diversity in everyday life

We promote diversity & inclusion through our culture, our work in society and with innovation.



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We build an inclusive culture leveraging the differences of our employees



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We're inclusive in the way we act and engage with society and stakeholders



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We think about the needs of diverse consumers and customers when we make and distribute our products

People with disabilities

We’re proud to have been awarded the Accessibility Tick - a recognition of our commitment to become a more accessible and inclusive employer for disabled and neurodiverse people. One in 4 Kiwis have physical, sensory, learning, mental health or other impairments but only 22% of disabled people are employed across the country. Our goal is to support long-term career opportunities for people with disabilities by making sure we implement accessibility best practices, from building a culture of inclusiveness, to providing consultation and support on accessibility initiatives.

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LGBTQ+ community

We are proud to support the United Nations Free & Equal Standards of Conduct for Business on tackling discrimination against LGBT+ people.

We encourage a safe space for employee conversations, learning and support around LGBTQ+ topics. We all play a role in creating an inclusive place to work.

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Race and ethnicity

We pride ourselves on being a global company with a strong local anchor. Today, our global workforce represents approximately 177 nationalities and more than 85% of the management committee positions in the countries we operate are held by local employees who are truly representative of the communities we serve.

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Gender Acceleration

Within Oceania we are working to balance the gender makeup of our workforce, with a strong focus on gender-balanced leadership. We have developed a Gender Balance Acceleration Plan, which includes the following specific actions:

  • Supporting all managers to foster an inclusive workplace and ensuring that they are trained on unconscious bias;
  • Encouraging the use of Nestlé's paid parental leave program and flexible work policies in place;
  • Hiring and promoting more women in leadership positions;
  • Reviewing results with senior leaders to promote gender balance and ensure progress;
  • Continuing our efforts to champion equal pay.
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