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Free virtual check-ins for furry family members

Purina ONE supports new pet owners following peak in adoptions
Purina Virtual Check Ins
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Early 2020 was a time like no other for pet adoptions, with more than 1,100 animals adopted from SPCA centres in March alone.

To support new pet owners, Purina ONE, the SPCA pet food of choice, has launched a free virtual check-in service to help check the six signs of a healthy pet. The arrival of a new pet can be an anxious time, so the service aims to help guide new cat and dog owners through the day-to-day care of their beloved furry friends.

Katie Jones, qualified veterinary nurse and Purina ONE Pet Care Advisor, says that having a new pet can be a learning curve and many pet owners, particularly those who have not had a pet before, can be unsure of the health signs to look out for. The new service, available to any cat or dog owner in New Zealand, aims to help provide guidance on how best to support their newest furry family member.

The new Purina ONE service provides advice from qualified veterinary nurses Katie and Sophie via pre-bookable virtual meetings. This service gives pet owners the opportunity to learn more about their pet’s health and ask questions that can be tricky to find answers to elsewhere.

“Many people think of their pets as a member of their family and are dedicated to doing the very best for their pets but aren’t always sure how. During these virtual check-ins, my colleague and I take pet owners through the six key signs of pet health. From how to check body condition, to looking for tartar build up, or what to watch out for in skin, coat and eyes; all in a convenient setting for people. New parents have services available to get advice, now new pet owners have the Purina ONE check-in line!” said Katie.

“Definitely the most common question I get asked is about diet, and they’re good questions as nutrition is a key factor in pet health. A diet deficient in nutrients can lead to more complicated and unexpected issues.”

Emma from Auckland is one pet owner who is welcoming the service after adopting her cat, Vaughn, a few months ago.

“Vaughn had been hit by a car not long before I adopted him, which added a few nerves for both of us. I think knowing that I could have booked in for a virtual chat would have been amazing. I’ll definitely be booking in to learn about things to keep an eye on, particularly monitoring his nutrition, weight, and well-being,” says Emma.

The new service has been welcomed by SPCA as an invaluable support for pet owners, particularly those who are taking home a cat or dog for the first-time, which they know can be an especially worrying time.

“SPCA exists to help give animals a better life, and to do this we need to provide support to our wonderful adopters. We don’t expect everyone who adopts to be a cat and dog expert, so it’s great that people are able to access more information in a way that suits their lifestyle, regardless of where they are in New Zealand,” said SPCA Dr Arnja Dale, Chief Scientific Officer.

Geraldine Pagneux for Purina ONE, thinks the service is the natural next step in the team’s commitment to the health and well-being of the nation’s pets.

“In our eyes, a healthy pet is a happy pet. The team includes 500 experts globally dedicated to that philosophy, focused on everything from harnessing 120 years of pet care and pet nutrition expertise, to animal behaviour.

“To be able to share some of our expertise, particularly our knowledge on the six signs of pet health, with the nation via this new virtual offering is something we’re really excited about.”

Pet owners can book a virtual check-in by heading to the Purina New Zealand Facebook page and clicking the ‘book now’ icon or call 0800 Pet VIP (0800 738 847).