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Kiwi cat lovers feeling paw-sitive about Love Your Cat Day

It’s a well known fact that Kiwis love their cats. 41% of New Zealand households have a cat, with rates of cat ownership higher than Australia and the US, and more than double the UK¹. To celebrate this and the loving bond we share with our felines, the Fancy Feast® team have launched ‘International Love Your Cat Day’ – with New Zealand being the first country in the world to celebrate on Wednesday, 24th March.

A new survey independently commissioned by Fancy Feast reveals the increasing importance cats are playing in New Zealander’s lives. Almost 50% of owners feel the bond they have with their cat has grown stronger over the last 12 months with many treasuring new shared, special moments together like a morning coffee or cuddle break².

As Kiwis head back to regular work routines many admit they will miss their daily WFH cat chats, with 84% of cat owners saying they have conversations with their cats and 43% of them believe that their cat understands them². A further 82% wish they could generally spend more time with their cats and confess they love to spoil them, with 86% claiming their favourite way to do this is through food².

Purina New Zealand Senior Brand Manager Yorn Polaczek says, “It’s heart-warming to see how much our feline friends have meant to us this past year. ‘Love Your Cat Day’ is a unique way to say thank you to our cats by creating a moment that is all about celebrating them and the bond we share with them. To celebrate the day, we’ll be giving away free Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine meals so cat lovers can show their cats just how much they love them in the way they appreciate most - with a delicious mealtime treat.”

Fancy Feast Petit Cuisine is a range of exquisitely prepared grilled meat or fish recipes in a delicately balanced gravy, designed to please even the most discerning of felines. To get your paws on a free Love Your Cat Day sample visit

² OnePicture Fancy Feast commissioned survey, March 2021