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Nestlé helps to make 1.2m meals with first-ever custom product for Foodbank

maggi custom foodbank product

Nestlé has proudly partnered with Foodbank to create the first ever designed-for-Foodbank custom product, with more than 1.2 million serves being made to help support people in need.

MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole is a recipe base that turns almost any combination of protein and vegetables into a delicious meal for six. By partnering with Foodbank, this versatile product will help people who’ve received food relief to create a delicious meal from the food they receive, and minimise food waste.

MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole recipe base was made possible thanks to a team of 12 partners brought together as part of Foodbank’s unique MAGGI Collaborative Supply Program: Olam Spices, GrainCorp Foods, Fonterra, GS Hall, Dominion Salt, NZ Sugar, Tate & Lyle, Boxer & Co, Huhtamaki, Labelmakers, Oji Fibre Solutions and Nestlé. 

Each partner donated their resources and time to create this product that will go directly to Foodbank and the charities they support. The recipe base was proudly developed and produced by Nestlé in Cambria Park, NZ.

Foodbank Australia CEO, Brianna Casey said, “Food insecurity continues to be a very real issue for many people as they struggle day-to-day to make ends meet. 

“Foodbank receives a huge range of donated food every day. MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole recipe base will be the ultimate value-add, enabling people to easily prepare wholesome, tasty meals.

“The past 12 months have been exceptionally challenging. In fact, in 2020 we saw a 47% increase in demand for food relief from pre-COVID-19. Many people continue to face financial pressures – and thousands have been affected by recent floods, as well as those still recovering from the bushfires last year.

“We are so grateful to Nestlé and other partners who have led the creation of this product, and so generously donated their goods and services.” 

Nestlé General Manager of Foods, Kristina Czepl said, “We understand that food relief depends on what is available, and people can get a mix of items and not necessarily know how to turn them into a nutritious meal. 

“Our team is passionate about supporting the community and relished the opportunity to put together a product that is versatile so that people can use any ingredients they have or that are affordable, to create a nutritious meal – that’s delicious too. 

“The development of MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole recipe base would not have been possible without the support and generous donations of our partners in the supply chain.”

The MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole recipe base, which features a tomato and mushroom flavour profile, will be rolled out in the new MAGGI recyclable packaging to Foodbanks across Australia and New Zealand from late May 2021.