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New research reveals Kiwis are happier employees with pets around

New research*  shows a whopping 96% of pet owners in New Zealand felt that having their pet around while working from home in 2021 improved their mental health and work/life balance. However, many are anxious about their pet as they return to work this year. 

The Purina Pets at Work research also found that 95% of respondents said pets made them a happier employee, with 71% saying it helped reduce their stress levels. It also helped support employee routines while working from home, with 48% of respondents stating pets gave them a reason to get outside more, with 44% being reminded to take more breaks. 

More than half (60%) of respondents ranked spending more time with their pet as a top three benefit of working from home last year, with 81% saying it was a major perk. 

According to the research though, most (80%) won’t always be taking their pet with them when they return to the office. More than half (65%) of these respondents say they feel some sort of anxiety about being away from their pets. Furthermore, almost three quarters (70%) are concerned that their pet will exhibit signs of separation anxiety when they return to work. 

Purina New Zealand General Manager, Reuben Inglis says it doesn’t have to be this way. 

“It is well documented that having dogs and cats in our lives is not only good for our mental and physical health, but also for our pets too! Our hope for 2022 is that more New Zealand offices consider becoming pet friendly.

“Our ‘Pets at Work’, movement is designed to encourage and support organisations to make their work environments pet friendly. It doesn’t need to be daunting.

Purina provides information for both employers and employees to help them make the transition to having pets in the office as easy as possible. This includes top tips from Purina Vet Expert, Dr Zara Boland for those looking to bring pets to work, and advice for caring for those whose pets will be left at home. 

Over the past 20 years, Purina New Zealand’s Pets at Work initiative has helped businesses around the country welcome pets into their workplaces. Information on Pets at Work can be provided via our team of pet lovers, vet nurses and behavioural and nutritional specialists via 0800 PET VIP (0800 738 847) or Pets At Work - Make Your Workplace Pet-Friendly | Purina

  *Research collated by 3Gem in December 2021 from 1,000 respondents in New Zealand that own a pet (cat or dog only and who worked from home more often in 2021 and intend to return to the office full or part time in 2022, conducted for Purina New Zealand.