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Nestlé crowns NZ’s first Milkybar Kid-ult

Milkybar Kid-ult
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After much anticipation, mega Milkybar fan Jenny Stewart, 22, from Christchurch, has been named the successful applicant for the coveted role of New Zealand’s first Milkybar Kid-ult.

In her entertaining video application, Jenny expressed her long-time adoration for Milkybar and demonstrated her innate ‘big kid’ personality, which saw her become New Zealand’s successful Kid-ult applicant, effective immediately.

New Zealand’s first Milkybar Kid-ult, Jenny said as soon as she saw the role online, she knew she had to enter.

“I’ve always loved Milkybar, it was my go-to sweet treat as a kid and a family favourite. When my brother was in primary school he was actually cast as the Milkybar kid; back then he shared his Milkybars with me, so now it’s time to return the favour”, says Jenny.

“My brother was actually the one that sent me the job application, as soon as I saw it, I knew it was my time to shine!”.

Like any new role Jenny’s Milkybar uniform is in the post alongside a delivery of new Milkybar Whirl bars for her official induction. Jenny is responsible for sharing the Milkybars with her friends and family, because after all, the Milkybars are on her!

Nestlé New Zealand’s Head of Marketing Fraser Shrimpton said: “The NZ Milkybar Kid-ult role attracted applications from every corner of New Zealand. The competition was tough, with lots of high-quality and entertaining applicants, but Jenny stood out with her passion for Milkybar and joyful attitude. We’re really looking forward to having her on board.”

“We would like to thank the Milkybar fans from all over the country who sent in an application, and we hope the Milkybar Whirl will continue to give fans an opportunity to relive their childhood,” said Shrimpton.

Not only has Jenny been crowned the Milkybar Kid-ult, but as part of the role she will enjoy a unique range of responsibilities. These tasks include taste-testing new flavours and having the opportunity to feature in upcoming marketing campaigns.

The unique Kid-ult role was created to celebrate the launch of Milkybar Whirl, a deliciously creamy Milkybar with a swirl of smooth milk chocolate – proving that you’re never too old to enjoy an adult taste of childhood.