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Mix up your coffee with NEW Milo Mocha

MILO Mocha

Calling all sweet coffee lovers! Meet Milo Mocha, a mix of Kiwi icon, Milo and coffee to create a delicious beverage that will boost your taste buds.

Milo Mocha offers a high quality cup of coffee complete with a frothy, choc-malt finish – all you have to do is add hot water and stir. It’s the perfect one stop solution for Milo lovers, who have already been adding an extra coffee boost to their brew and coining it a ‘milofee’ or ‘moffee’ on social media.

The new Milo Mocha coffee is a warming way to enjoy a cup of Milo – featuring the iconic malt barley, cocoa flavour with smooth coffee.

Nestlé Head of Marketing Fern Castellanos says “The new Milo Mocha gives sweet-loving coffee drinkers yet another option when it comes to making coffee from the comfort of home.  So why not mix up the morning coffee moment with this creamy, frothy beverage.

Milo Mocha is available at all major New Zealand supermarkets from mid-June 2024 in boxes of eight sachets, RRP $7.50.