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White chocolate lovers rejoice! Nescafé Café Creations launches two new Milkybar-inspired coffee flavours


Coffee breaks just got a lot more enjoyable with the arrival of two new Nescafé Café Creations coffee flavours, inspired by the creamy deliciousness of Milkybar chocolate. 

Nescafé White Choc Mocha inspired by Milkybar is a blend of rich, creamy coffee and smooth white chocolate with a thick velvety froth. Nescafé Gold Choc Mocha inspired by Milkybar combines a decadent coffee blend with smooth caramelised white chocolate and a layer of creamy froth. 

The union of Nescafé and Milkybar is a match made in heaven. Simply by adding hot water to the Nescafé Café Creations and stirring, you have a convenient yet indulgent coffee creation.

Nestlé Marketing Manager Coffee, Monique Koning says “These new Nescafé coffee flavours are inspired by Kiwis’ love affair with coffee and Milkybar – an iconic chocolate treat adored for its white chocolate and caramel tones.”

“Taking time out of our busy days for ourselves is really important, so we hope these new Nescafé coffee flavours remind Kiwis to say, ‘Now’s Good’ for a coffee break!”

Nescafé White Choc Mocha inspired by Milkybar, and Nescafé Gold Choc Mocha inspired by Milkybar are available from most major supermarkets nationwide from September for RRP $6.59.