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Nescafé Gold partners with vibrant Kiwi fashion label Augustine to freshen up the nation’s coffee moments

Nescafé Gold x Kelly Coe_banner

Daily routines just got more colourful with the launch of Nescafé Gold limited edition tins designed by treasured Kiwi fashion designer and Augustine label creator Kelly Coe.

Inspired by the Augustine’s signature style of colourful, dazzling designs which aim to break the mould in everyday fashion, the three distinctive Nescafé Gold tins are sure to make coffee moments brighter. The new Nescafé Gold tins designed by Kelly Coe aim to inspire coffee lovers to see things from a fresh perspective during their daily coffee routines.

Each tin features an eccentric pattern from the design house’s latest range. Coffee lovers can choose between rich purple & green tones, bright teal, or peach & sunshine yellow hues – each beautifully detailed with the Nescafé Gold signature metallic finish.

Nestlé Head of Marketing Fern Castellanos says, “This Nescafé Gold vibrant new range aims to offer a fresh look at the morning coffee moment, further enriching the daily routines of coffee lovers.”

“Augustine was a brand born out of a desire to brighten up the New Zealand fashion scene. We hope this range invites coffee lover to live life more colourfully and explore new ways to take on daily routines.” 

Kelly Coe says, “I’m excited to partner with Nescafé Gold and help Kiwis take a moment to see things a little differently, with some colourful inspiration for the day ahead.”

“Since inception, Augustine has celebrated looking at fashion differently. This partnership with Nescafé Gold is a true extension of our values,” says Kelly Coe.

The Nescafé Gold range of collector’s tins are available in the supermarket coffee aisle for a limited time. RRP $10.40.