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Healthy Active Kids Day at Manurewa West Primary School

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Encouraging learning about healthy living, outside the classroom with Nestlé

Learning, activity and eating are part of most school days. Today, all 500 Manurewa West Primary School pupils will get to do these activities a little differently, as they celebrate Healthy Active Kids Day. 

As an extension of the Nestlé for Healthier Kids programme, students will participate in three workshops where they’ll learn to prepare a healthy snack, play outdoor team-building games, and enjoy a creative dance and music session.

The workshops will be led by coaches from AUT Millennium, where many of New Zealand’s top athletes train, a Nestlé nutritionist and members of the local Nestlé team.

Manurewa West Primary School Health and PE Curriculum Leader and Deputy Principal, Shea Bowden, says the opportunity to get students out of the classroom to try new experiences is one of the best ways to inspire healthy behaviour.

“Combining learning with fun means that the students light up and are engaged in ways we can’t always achieve with traditional learning,” Ms Bowden said.

“The teaching resources available through Nestlé for Healthier Kids have allowed us to try new things and provide the students with some great hands-on opportunities to learn about the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.”

“Having such a great line-up of activities really helps to build on the in-class learning and positively reinforces the focus on healthy living across our school,” she added.

Nestlé Corporate Brand Manager, Amanda McDermott, who leads the Nestlé for Healthier Kids programme, said that Nestlé is passionate about good nutrition and getting kids more active.

“Being able to help teachers to make these subjects interactive and enjoyable is an important part of these lessons, and this hands’ on learning has long term benefits. We hope in turn the children will share their learnings with their whanāu, which will help enhance their overall quality of life and contribute to healthier futures.”

Nestlé for Healthier Kids was created to give teachers innovative ways to teach children about healthy eating and physical activity. For more information on the programme, including curriculum-aligned resources, visit