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A Kiwi favourite returns: Milo brings back Classic NZ Taste

A Kiwi favourite returns: Milo brings back Classic NZ Taste
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Iconic Milo is going back to its roots in 2019 with Nestlé reverting to the drink’s classic taste Kiwis have known and loved for more than 80 years.

This means Milo will once again have the delicious choc malt taste that has been a family favourite in Kiwi homes for generations It’s a move that’s sure to conjure up fond memories of cold cups of Milo after school or warm, comforting drinks after winter sports for many.

Nestlé Business Manager Anna Stewart said the company put the Milo formulation through extensive development and taste testing to create the best possible taste.

“We’ve had ongoing feedback that Kiwis missed the old taste of Milo, so we knew it was time to bring it back.

“But this wasn’t a process we took lightly. We knew it was vital to nail that classic taste and we weren’t going to stop until we had that perfected,” said Stewart.

“Our absolute focus has been on recreating this much-loved flavour – and we’re excited for Kiwis to try the new Milo Classic NZ Taste and let us know what they think,” added Ms Stewart.

And while the return of the classic taste is good news for Milo fans, the move is also being welcomed by best-selling cookbook writer, Chelsea Winter.

The celebrity chef says she was thrilled to hear the classic Milo taste was returning to supermarket shelves.

Milo reminds me of my childhood. I loved Milo then, I love ,Milo now and I'm pretty sure I'll love Milo for as long as I live. I have fond memories of getting up at 2am to watch the rugby - always with a hot mug of Milo. Being pregnant it's one of the things I've craved, so not many days go by right now without a hot Milo made fancy with my milk frother.”

“I'm a Milo girl through and through, so there's always got to be a tin of Milo in the cupboard,” said Ms Winter.

Milo Classic NZ Taste is due in stores nationwide from Monday 20 May.