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MILO - Lifting the lid

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We’ve heard from many passionate MILO drinkers who are concerned their much love drink has changed.

We are as passionate about MILO as you, our loyal consumers, and we want to assure you that the core ingredients of MILO – milk powder, malted barley, cocoa and sugar – have not changed.

Milo Feed

MILO and milk has always been a good drink for children, formulated to provide a nourishing drink that helps deliver essential nutrients for active kids. While we’ve made a few tweaks to MILO to improve it, we can assure you these changes were not made lightly.

MILO has always included added vitamins and minerals. We’ve changed them to ensure MILO delivers those required for energy production to help active kids perform at their best. MILO now has vitamin D to help build strong bones, and extra B vitamins to help support energy release in the body, and a glass of MILO with trim milk earns 4.5 stars using the new Health Star Rating system.

We've also moved to the sourcing of our cocoa and palm oil, so that both these ingredients are now sustainably sourced. We are using UTZ certified cocoa, and palm oil that is certified segregated and traceable by RSPO. These changes have not affected the flavour, but do mean that we now have a more sustainably produced product, meeting the demands of consumers and reducing our impact.

We've also taken out the added artificial vanilla flavour as part of a move to make Milo as natural as possible.

These changes are part of our global commitment to make our products more nutritious and better for you.

When MILO was created over 80 years ago, its original purpose was to help meet the nutritional needs of children, in a format they would enjoy. This goal continues today.