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Nestlé to provide tailored food for round-world solar flight pilots

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When two Swiss pilots climb into the cockpit next week to make the first ever attempt to fly a solar powered aircraft around the world, the specially designed food and drink they need to fuel them during the challenge will be supplied by Nestlé.

Nestlé scientists have spent four years working closely with the Solar Impulse project to develop a range of meals and snacks that can withstand extreme variations in temperature and climatic conditions and give the pilots the proper energy and protein content to cope with tough physical conditions. Nestlé is one of the sponsors of the project.

“With the various challenges the pilots will encounter, we’ve had to take into account and repeatedly test how the extreme conditions will impact different aspects of the food we’ve developed, including nutrition integrity, preservation and packaging,” said Nestlé Research scientist, Dr. Amira Kassis, who has led the Nestlé work to develop the food for the pilots.

In addition to the specially designed food and drinks the pilots will be supplied with Nestlé bottled water and Nescafé soluble coffee.

Read the Nestlé Research press release.

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Nestlé food to fuel solar flight pilots

Tailor-made food by Nestlé researchers will aid record attempt