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Nestlé Purina updates its top 50 most influential cats on internet

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Grumpy Cat holds # 1 position in 'FRISKIES 50' list

Nestlé Purina’s FRISKIES brand has updated its ranking of the top 50 most influential cats on the Internet, and Grumpy Cat has maintained her #1 position out of the more than 250 furry friends considered for the latest list.

Maru, originally coming in at the #14 spot when the top 50 list was launched in July, has also held steady in the #2 position.

The FRISKIES 50 list of the most influential Internet cats uses a proprietary algorithm based on each cat’s social media reach and engagement levels across various social platforms.

The index methodology also takes into account the cat’s presence in traditional news such as recent mentions in print and online articles.

While each cat’s ranking is strongly influenced by the number of social channels the cat is engaged on and the level of media coverage they receive, a key factor is also the public's reception of the content and coverage.

The list does not represent all cats whose owners have created social accounts on their behalf. As new accounts are created, those account holders must correspond with the FRISKIES 50 for inclusion in the list.

For more information, please see FRISKIES 50