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New KitKat range is filled with flavour

KitKat launches Gooey Caramel and Mint Cookie Fudge
KitKat Gooey Caramel
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The KitKat team has unveiled a new range which sees two decadent flavours fill the iconic 4-finger bar.

The latest chocolate experience in New Zealand sees the much-loved KitKat wafers topped with Gooey Caramel and Mint Cookie Fudge, offering a lighter indulgence for chocolate fans.

The perfect sweet treat, KitKat Gooey Caramel offers a crisp wafer with a lustrous layer of gooey caramel, covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate.

The flavoursome KitKat Mint Cookie Fudge is a delectable combination of crisp wafer fingers topped with mint fudge and cookie pieces, coated in the milk chocolate KitKat Kiwi fans know and love.

The mouth-watering flavours make the new bars perfect for those looking to give into their fillings and delight in a luxuriously tasty break.

Nestlé Head of Marketing NZ Fraser Shrimpton said: “It’s always an exciting time when we create new flavours for Kiwi chocolate fans. These new bars put a fresh spin on a KitKat break by taking our 4-finger wafer and adding luxurious Gooey Caramel and indulgent Mint Cookie Fudge to deliver the ultimate light, yet crisp, treats for fans.”

The delicious new KitKat bars, KitKat Gooey Caramel KitKat Mint Cookie Fudge, are RRP $1.89 and are available nationwide.