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New Nestlé guide to vegetable gardening for kids

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Nestlé has published a free guide to setting up vegetable gardens with children.

The booklet, aimed at parents and teachers, is part of its Global Healthy Kids programme.

The simple and useful guide explains how everyone can grow their own vegetables to help feed a family or local community. Gardening can be a powerful tool to promote eating vegetables and fruits while also raising childrens’ environmental awareness.

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme aims to increase nutrition and health knowledge and promote physical activity among school-age children around the world. It provides schools with nutrition knowledge, teaching methods and materials, and offers workshops in gardening and healthy cooking for parents and carers as well as children.

Nestlé works with more than 250 partners worldwide, including national and local governments, NGOs, nutrition health institutes and sport federations on its Healthy Kids programmes. They supports Nestlé’s work to promote healthier lifestyles and diets for kids to help them grow into healthy and productive adults.


In 2013, the Healthy Kids Programme reached 6.9 million children across 68 countries and Nestlé plans to extend the Programme to cover 80 countries by 2015.

Learn more about the Nestlé Global Healthy Kids programme and the Nutrir Healthy Kids Programme in Ecuador, which helped produce the booklet.