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Peaches & Cream trumps National Allen’s Lolly Vote Off

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Thousands of Kiwis cast their votes last month to determine the winning lolly

The votes are in! Peaches & Cream – one of the most popular flavours in Allen’s Party Mix, has dominated potential newcomer Pineapples in a contest that saw both lollies vying for the chance to land a coveted place in their own bag and hit supermarket shelves late March.

Allen’s Peaches & Cream, which has a fluffy creamy base and peachy jelly top, captured the hearts, minds and taste buds of Kiwis across the country,winning by a majority vote of approximately 80 per cent.

Nestlé NZ CEO Veronique Cremades-Mathis said it was clear there was far too much love for Peaches & Cream for new comer Pineapples to wrestle in.

“Peaches &Cream was the clear winner when all of the official votes were counted, although we still witnessed thousands of fans expressing their love for Pineapples on social media. The contest even spurred poems written by fans trying to promote their favourite lolly.”

But Pineapples faced an uphill battle against Peaches & Cream fans, which Ms Cremades-Mathis puts down to the fact it was a brand-new lolly.

Thousands of Kiwis were lucky enough to try the two flavours in sampling activations in Auckland,Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch before voting, joining others who had already cast their vote online.

“We put a challenge to the people of New Zealand, asking the public to decide what lolly we would put into production for Kiwis next, and we have been listening to the conversation very closely.

“We’re delighted to see that Peaches & Cream is set to join Kiwi favourites Mackintosh’s and Oddfellows - our most popular lollies here in New Zealand.”

The new lolly, soon to be available in 170g standalone packs, will land in stores across the North and South Island from late March.

“We’re lookingforward to seeing how fans react to seeing their favourite lolly in all its new found glory in the confectionary aisle,” said Ms Cremades-Mathis.

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