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Research shows improved cognitive function in older dogs on special diet

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A dog’s cognitive function becomes impaired as they age, which can affect their memory, learning and decision- making ability. Scientists have now shown that including a special blend of enhanced botanical oil in the daily diet of dogs aged seven and older can help promote cognitive function in older dogs1 and it is now available to NZ dog lovers.

PRO PLAN BRIGHT MIND has been formulated to include a special blend of botanical oil containing MCTs, shown to promote memory, attention and trainability in senior dogs whilst also supporting a strong immune system, and healthy teeth and joints, helping aging dogs stay bright and active for longer.

Dr Shalsee Vigeant, SPCA Veterinary Ambassador and Associate Veterinarian, Vet Care Grey Lynn said that at around seven years of age a dog’s ability to use glucose as the main source of brain energy becomes less efficient. It’s at this age that dogs are considered senior.

“Researchers from the University of Toronto found that enhanced botanical oils can be used as an additional source of brain energy for senior dogs, which appears to help reduce the energy deficit their brains experience. Results from this particular study, which was funded by Nestlé Purina, clearly showed improvements in mental alertness and sharpness, which is very exciting,” said Dr Shalsee.

An estimated 43% of registered dog owners have a dog aged seven years or older2 and after discussion with many Auckland veterinary clinics, Dr Shalsee found less than 15% of senior dogs are being fed an age appropriate diet.

“Watching our furry companions forget where the ball landed in a game of fetch or sleeping all day and being less sociable due to a lack of energy and enthusiasm can be really saddening for owners,” said Dr Shalsee.

“While dogs don’t always show external signs of aging until older, in fact subtle, natural changes will be occurring as early as seven years of age. This is when we can begin to introduce changes to both their diet and lifestyle to help reduce the impact of aging, and ensure they have an active and enriched life as they get older,” added Dr Shalsee.

Dr Shalsee has been feeding her seven year old dog, Kooper, PRO PLAN BRIGHT MIND since June and has been impressed with the improvement to his alertness and energy levels. She now recommends it to anyone who has a dog aged seven and over.

Jennifer Chappell, Country Manager, Purina, is thrilled to offer loving pet owners the opportunity to enjoy a more fulfilling life with their beloved dogs.

“Nutrition is the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing. At Purina, we are committed to enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them, so our experts are continuously looking for innovative solutions to provide the best nutrition for pets,” said Chappell.

She added, “We all want our dogs to get the most from every moment of their lives, from enjoying walks in the park to curling up with their owners. By harnessing the power of science in PRO PLAN BRIGHT MIND, we are confident that dog owners will enjoy positive results and see visible improvement to the overall quality of life of their beloved pets.”

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