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Honey, we’ve shrunk the KILLER PYTHON!

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Nestlé New Zealand is shrinking the KILLER PYTHONS to treat size - a move aimed at bringing confectionery serves down to scale.

While the new treat size KILLER PYTHONS weighs in at 24g, or 336kJ, compared with the original 47g, 630kJ version, it still has the same recipe, taste, stretchiness with no artificial colours that have made it a favourite treat for kids and adults alike.

The move is part of Nestlé’s efforts to help New Zealanders better manage their health, by communicating clear and reasonable food portion sizes, especially treats.

ALLEN’S KILLER PYTHONS will be one of the first products in the company’s confectionery range to include a new consumer-friendly portion icon on pack.

Nestlé’s Business Executive Manager, Confectionery and Snacks, Mr Martin Brown, said that resizing the KILLER PYTHON was only the beginning of this initiative.

“We’re now offering confectionery with responsibly sourced ingredients, on-pack portion education and changes such as revised portion sizes and re-sealable packaging,” he said.

“We know some of the fans will be outraged, but this is the right thing to do. It is part of helping people improve their nutrition, health and wellness.”

Nestlé’s Group Nutrition Manager, Susan Kevork, said that shrinking confectionery portions to a more appropriate single serve is one step in helping people control their nutritional intake.

“Controlling portion size is an effective, simple and reliable tool that is used in maintaining a balanced diet,” she said.

"Telling people to cut all treat foods from their diet is unrealistic and unachievable in the long term. A happy and healthy life comes through balance.”

ALLEN’S treat size KILLER PYTHONS will be in stores in New Zealand from November 2014.

For information visit Nestlé, ALLEN’S Facebook and ALLEN’S Instagram pages.

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