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Purina principal pet food partner of SPCA

Feeding more animals in need
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SPCA New Zealand is proud to announce an exciting new relationship with Nestlé Purina PetCare. Now the principal cat and dog food partner of SPCA, Purina will be providing meals for as many as 50,000 animals that will go through the 46 SPCA centres around the country annually.

Purina will be supplying over 80,000kgs of canned and dry cat and dog food annually, along with financial support.

Chief Executive Officer SPCA New Zealand, Ric Odom, says “feeding all of the animals in our care is an enormous daily task and costs a great deal of money. We simply could not achieve what we do without the considerable efforts and support of partners such as Purina.”

SPCA NZ receives less than 1% government funding and relies on community and corporate supporters to fund all its services. “Purina’s support will make a very real and tangible difference to a huge number of animals in New Zealand and will support a vital community service,” says Odom.

From March onwards thousands of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies currently in SPCA centres around the country will be getting the nutritional boost of eating premium Purina pet food this year. As well as providing food, Purina look forward to supporting SPCA in education programmes to prevent cruelty and encourage humane treatment of animals. The Purina team also intends to get involved with volunteering, fundraising, fostering and inevitably adopting.

Purina NZ Head of Marketing Jennifer Chappell says, “We are so proud to put our name next to a brand that is synonymous with animal care and welfare in New Zealand. Purina believes pets and people are better together, and it’s this core belief that forms the basis for what will be a strong ongoing relationship with SPCA New Zealand.”

“By providing this essential support, we can help the SPCA get on with the really important job of rescuing, rehabilitating, sheltering and re-homing animals in need,” says Chappell.

Purina have been champions for pet nutrition for over 85 years, now they will be making a real difference to the lives of New Zealand animals in need.

Purina and SPCA 

The numbers:

  • On average the SPCA centres around the country will need approximately 40,000kgs of dry and canned dog and puppy food and 44,000kgs of canned and dry cat and kitten food from Purina each year
  • More than 100,000 SPCA animals are estimated to live in homes across New Zealand
  • 35,000 animals are re-homed, returned to their owners or are in SPCA care
  • More than 4,000 volunteers actively support the SPCA’s work
  • 46 SPCA animal rescue centres are located across every major area of New Zealand
  • 49,000 animals were rescued and cared for by SPCA centres last year
  • 13,000 animal welfare complaints were investigated by 92 inspectors
  • 13,500 school students were taught about animal welfare through SPCA New Zealand

Prepared on behalf of Purina by the pr shop. For more information, imagery or interview opportunities, please contact Frances Kreft on (09) 360 0385 or email [email protected]. Alternatively please contact Anita Catalano, Nestlé New Zealand on (+64) 406403397 or email [email protected] for any further enquiries.