Nestlé For Healthier Kids Sea Cleaners Learning Resource

Motivating a new generation of young Kiwis into conservation action, Nestlé and Sea Cleaners, in conjunction with School Kit, have worked together to develop the Nestlé for Healthier Kids Sea Cleaners programme, a new extension to the Nestlé for Healthier Kids School Programme, which offers a variety of resources to help schools tackle the rubbish problem plaguing our precious waterways, and help them to understand the impact of not putting litter where it belongs. Primarily it provides information to conduct local clean-ups, and teaches students how to categorise and analyse rubbish collected, examining aspects such as volume of recyclable waste found and local waterways the rubbish may have ended up in.

The lesson content branches multiple streams of the school curriculum including science, social science and the arts, as well as demonstrating the important real-world difference each student’s actions can make to the waterways and environment around them.