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Make it yours at home

Discover our STARBUCKS coffee made truly yours at home. Enjoy a fresh cup of 100% Arabica coffee or an inspired café classic, whenever and however you like it.
Years of focus and expertise have led to the STARBUCKS Roast Spectrum. Each coffee bean requires a unique balance of temperature and time to reach its individual peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavour. Starbucks coffees are classified by three roast profiles:

  • STARBUCKS Blonde Roast: Blonde-roasted coffees are lighter in body with mellow flavours. This roast is perfect for when you want a soft, subtle coffee that will gently awaken the senses.
  • STARBUCKS Medium Roast: As we move up the spectrum, the beans are roasted darker. The STARBUCKS medium-roasted coffee range have a smooth, balanced body and a richness of flavour. These coffees are perfect for the in-between palate – not too soft, not too strong.
  • STARBUCKS Dark Roast: At the top of the spectrum, you will find our darkest-roasted coffees. These feature a fuller body and robust, bold flavours. These coffees are perfect for when you want an intense cup that will indulge the senses.

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