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KIT KAT has been delighting Kiwi Chocolate lovers with its crisp wafer fingers coated in smooth chocolate for generations. Have a KIT KAT and have a break today.

KIT KAT 4 Finger

The KIT KAT range began with the classic KIT KAT 4 Finger – crisp wafer fingers covered in smooth milk chocolate, perfect for a KIT KAT break!

KIT KAT Family Block

Slender crispy wafer fingers covered with creamy milk chocolate. For those families that just love to share their KIT KAT - enjoy a family block as a treat this weekend.

KIT KAT Share Pack

Portion controlled KIT KAT Share Packs mean you can enjoy a sweet treat and help maintain the right balance in your diet. With 11 x 2-finger bars in each pack, these are great to keep on hand for a break.