Nestlé For Healthier Kids

About the programme

Nestlé For Healthier Kids School Programme aims to raise nutrition and health knowledge and promote physical activity with school-age children around the world.  In New Zealand we partner with sKids, AUT Millennium and the NZ Nutrition Foundation to support the development of free teachers resources, designed for teachers in partnership with teachers at School Kit, to inspire healthy and active kids through cross-curricular enquiry-based learning modules that are innovative and informative.

We also activate day long programs at AUT Millennium as a unique opportunity to extend the Nestlé For Healthier Kids experience outside of the classroom. The activities on the day compliment the themes of the learning modules: The agenda allows for team building and learning through being active, as well as an engaging nutrition session over the lunch time break, and a healthy lunch is provided for all the students. Plus you can experience the passion that AUT Millennium has for an active lifestyle!