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NESTLÉ Reduced Cream

Made from fresh cream, NESTLÉ Reduced Cream has 38% less fat than thickened cream. It’s been a Kiwi favourite for generations both as a base for “The Original Kiwi Dip” or for use in desserts or savoury cooking. It’s so easy to keep a can on hand or to take it away camping or to the bach.

How to Create “The Original Kiwi Dip”

Simply mix a can of NESTLÉ Reduced Cream with a packet MAGGI Onion Soup with a squeeze of lemon juice. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes before enjoying with your favourite potato chips or vegies.

For a change, try any of the great flavours from the MAGGI Soup range that have a dip flash (those with "Great for Dips" tag on pack), like MAGGI Creamy Seafood Soup or MAGGI Bacon & Mushroom Soup mix.

The ingredients can be kept in the pantry, great for those unexpected guests. When it comes to entertaining, there really is nothing better – it is the ultimate Kiwi favourite.

TIP: Keep your NESTLÉ Reduced Cream in the fridge so you are ready to make the Original Kiwi Dip in an instance, without the need to chill after mixing. Ready for any good impromptu Kiwi social gathering.