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Rural development frameworks

Our commitment:

Roll out the Rural Development Framework

Our objectives

Dairy farming in Morocco
Dairy farming in Morocco: The Nestlé factory in el Jadida, Morocco, provides a secure market for dairy farmers.

By 2015 – Put baseline assessments in place in 21 countries of key importance to our business that show pronounced social need.

Our progress

Our Rural Development Framework was published in December 2012 and has been rolled out in three priority locations to date – Côte d’Ivoire, China and Vietnam. It is helping us to align business activities with local priorities for community engagement, impact assessments and rural development programmes.

Our perspective

It is vital that we maintain a secure, long-term supply of ingredients for our food and beverage products, the majority of which are grown in rural areas. But more people than ever are moving away to urban areas and we are facing an ageing global farming population, so Nestlé must engage now to support farming as a business and livelihood of choice that offers an attractive income and opportunities for societal advancement. We want to help retain the brightest and best talent within farming communities, and use our ‘agripreneurship’ model as a training pipeline for farmers wishing to develop their skills.

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The Rural Development Framework was created to bring all our rural development activities together, the Framework – supported by our Rural Development Commitment – is composed of four pillars: successful farmers; productive and respected workers; prospering communities; and alignment, collaboration and advocacy.