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#MILOTeamCold claims victory as Kiwis’ favourite

The nation has spoken and #MILOTeamCold has taken the win!

For the last month, New Zealanders have battled it out, debating whether drinking MILO is best enjoyed hot or cold, then taking it to a vote.

The wait is finally over and the result is now in. With more than 35,000 votes, cold MILO has taken out the title as the nation’s favourite way to drink the much-loved beverage.

Kiwis had their say on MILO ANZ’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by commenting and voting in the official poll. In total of more than 35,000 people voted for #MILOTeamCold, and there were around 20,000 votes for #MILOTeamHot.

Nestlé Head of Marketing New Zealand, Fraser Shrimpton, said the MILO team has been impressed with the passion seen from Kiwis, who clearly feel strongly about their favourite way to enjoy the classic beverage.

“MILO has been an important part of Kiwi life for the last 85 years and, in that time, we know there’s been a debate waging on the best way to enjoy it – there are some very passionate people out there! I have a feeling that the weather may have had some sway with our MILO enthusiasts – nothing beats a cold MILO on a warm day. But ultimately, whether it’s hot or cold, we just love seeing people having fun! Though, personally, I will admit I’m #MILOTeamCold.”

Who played in the great debate?

A number of well-known Kiwis weighed in to advocate for their preferred side. #MILOTeamCold had avid fans including former model and TV host Anna Reeve, Kiwi favourite Jason Gunn and radio host Paul Flynn, who all teamed up with MILO to campaign in favour of cold.

On the other side of the debate and heading up #MILOTeamHot were radio hosts Jay Reeve, Nickson Clark and Jay-Jay Feeney.