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MILO calls on Kiwis to show their allegiance: is the nation #MILOTeamHot or #MILOTeamCold?

It’s the age-old debate; is MILO best enjoyed hot…or cold?
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MILO is calling on Kiwis to settle the debate that has surrounded the much-loved drink for more than 85 years – how do New Zealanders prefer their MILO, hot or cold?

It’s time to find out whether it’s best enjoyed as a creamy, melt in your mouth hot beverage that warms from the inside - or does the nation prefer a tall glass of cold milk to get those delicious crunchy bits on top, perfect for the warmer weather?

The friendly debate, which is sure to stir up passion amongst Kiwis, has kicked off, with MILO urging fans to pledge their allegiance to their favourite team. To make their voice heard Kiwis can declare their loyalty to Team Hot or Team Cold by heading to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and submitting their vote via a poll.

Nestlé Head of Marketing New Zealand, Fraser Shrimpton, said the team at MILO hopes to unite Kiwis in their love of the classic choc-malt drink, while having a bit of fun and connecting with their fellow hot or cold teammates.

“MILO has been an iconic part of Kiwi culture for 85 years, and we know many New Zealanders feel very strongly about the best way to drink it.”

“By opening the poll up for fans to make their vote and decide the ultimate winner, we hope to bring people together over their love of a Kiwi favourite. We can’t wait to see what New Zealand thinks about how it should best be enjoyed!” said Shrimpton.

As for his preferred way to enjoy a MILO, Fraser said he couldn’t possibly comment.

The Hot v Cold poll is live now across MILO’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for Kiwis to vote . The winning side will be announced via social media in December.