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Collectively blog: Inspiring the next generation of farmers

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Students at the ‘self-sufficient school’ - Fundación Paraguaya - unloading sugar cane to feed the cattle

In a blog published by Collectively, Nestlé’s head of agriculture Hans Joehr explores ways in which farming can be made attractive to the next generation.

Collectively is a non-profit digital content platform that aims to inspire and empower millennials to adopt a more sustainable way of living through stories about new ideas and existing innovations.

"Today’s farmers are ageing fast, and not enough skilled young people are replacing them" Hans Joehr writes. "Young people who grew up in rural areas are migrating to urban regions in search of jobs that provide a better income, which they perceive as having higher social status.

"If we can’t convince more capable young people to take on jobs in agriculture, we’re going to be in trouble. The future of our food supply depends on it."