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Nestlé enters global super-premium chocolate category with Swiss chocolate Cailler

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Nestlé has announced its entry into the global super-premium chocolate category with its almost 200 year old Swiss chocolate brand Cailler.

With Amazon as its primary retailer, Nestlé will sell Cailler chocolate in select markets in the US, Europe and Asia.

Founded by François-Louis Cailler in 1819, Cailler is one of Switzerland’s oldest existing chocolate brands. It is still produced at its historic factory in Broc, ‘Maison Cailler’, using milk from local farms and high quality cocoa from the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.

Four different variety boxes in a choice of small and large sizes and eight tablets will be available to buy through Amazon in the US, UK and Germany.

Cailler will also be sold through travel retail outlets in major airports in Geneva, Zurich, Dubai and Singapore. In November the brand will introduce a fifth variety box globally, and will launch in China that month through Amazon.

Cailler’s global chocolate range features artwork hand-designed by Swiss artisan, Marianne Dubuis, who incorporates the Swiss art of découpage (paper-cutting) into her silhouette-based designs. Each one tells a part of the Cailler story.

“We’re pleased to introduce Cailler to the wider world” said Sandra Martinez, Head of Nestlé’s global confectionery business.

“It has all the characteristics of a super-premium product – a high quality product with a unique brand story and image. We believe it has significant global potential.”

Learn more about Cailler’s almost 200 year history and read an article by the Financial Times (paywall protected) on Nestlé’s entry into the global super-premium chocolate market with Cailler. View the press release for more information (pdf, 375Kb)