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Nestlé launches world-first chocolate with innovation to reduce sugar by 30%

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The new chocolate bar, Milkybar Wowsomes, to be launched in the UK and Ireland, uses the new technology to achieve a sugar reduction of 30% versus comparable bars.

The sugar reduction, which was first announced in November 2016, is achieved using only natural ingredients and with no additional sweeteners. The bar has milk as the number one ingredient, contains crispy oats, and is a good source of fibre.

Nestlé General Manager Confectionery, Martin Brown, said that Nestlé was hoping to bring the chocolate bar to Australia and New Zealand later this year. “Nestlé researchers have discovered a way to change the structure of sugar using only natural ingredients, so it dissolves more quickly on your tongue. This ‘structured’ sugar delivers a sweet sensation more quickly than normal sugar. This allows us to use less total sugar in the product, while providing an almost identical sweet taste,” said Mr Brown.