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Stay Fit This Christmas: Tips on How To De-Stress

Here are some great ideas to de-stress and take a break from the Christmas havoc. So make the most of the summer weather - get outside and try our Two Minute Challenges.

Spin and catch

Throw a ball up in the air, and on the spot spin around so you're facing the other way before you catch it. Can you spin and catch 40 times in 2 minutes?

Key points: Bend and extend knees when jumping and landing. Soft and quiet landings are best.

Knee Tag

Get a partner and stand half a metre apart from each other. You have to try to tag the other one's knees while you protect your own. Can you tag your partner's knees 15 times in 2 minutes?

Hacky sack ball passes

Start 1-2 metres away from your partner. The aim is to kick a hacky sack to each other without dripping it. Can you do it 30 times in 2 minutes?

Flying Frisbee

Standing 3 metres away from your partner, can you do 45 frisbee passes in 2 minutes?

Tunnel bounces

With your right hand bounce a basketball through your legs into your left hand. Then bounce it back through your legs from your left hand to your right hand. Can you do 40 tunnel bounces in 2 minutes?

Key points: Keep your eye on the ball! Ensure the surface you are on is flat and free of obstacles.