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Energy Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Thanks to all our Good Times readers who shared their clever tips for staying warm over winter without breaking the bank. Here are just some of the smart, energy-saving ideas:

Get it together

Have your friends over for a pot-luck dinner whereby you just heat up one house - socialising at the same time.

Double up

Don't use the dryer - use a clotheshorse in front of your heat source (e.g. fire, heat pump).

When cooking a covered casserole in the oven, do the weeks baking on another tray so you are using the oven for 2 things at a time".

Rekindle romance

Eat dinner by candlelight - it can be intimate or romantic, and is a fun way to save power by switching off most of the lights.

Instead of using an electric heater to keep warm snuggle up with a nice hot water bottle and/or your nice warm husband/wife.

Get warm from the inside

Cook with a little chilli to warm up your mouth and tummy.

Snuggle up with a cuddly blanket, cosy socks, and a hot cup of Nestle Milo.

The clever crock-pot

Make the most of overnight electricity rates and cook your porridge in the crock-pot. This idea is both tasty and saves time.

Cooking a meal all day with the crock-pot, also warms the whole house. Great for families where Mum and Dad both work away from home.

Lovely layers

Dress in layers to keep warm. You can put more on, or take them off as needed.

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