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Lighten up for summer!

Lighten up for summers

5 easy ideas to help you look and feel your best

As summer approaches and the warmer weather arrives – it is a perfect time to look at what you can do to boost your nutrition, lighten up and take action on looking and feeling good!

Here are 5 simple ideas to get you started.


  1. Embrace the salad season – for lunch, why not enjoy the goodness of all the delicious fresh salad veggies New Zealand has to offer? You don’t have to stick to lettuce and tomatoes either – there are so many exciting combos you can enjoy.
    • Try making your own coleslaw with cabbage, carrot, and spring onion. Add a handful of fresh herbs to boost the flavour and a little chilli if you enjoy a bit of heat.
    • Mix chickpeas with corn, shredded chicken and avocado for a filling healthy lunch.
    • Why not make a grated salad? Grated carrot and beetroot make a fabulous combo.
  2. Hit the hydration – chilled still or sparkling water with sliced cucumber, mint, ginger, lemon, lime or orange are the way forward. Ditch the sugary drinks, your body doesn’t need them and they certainly won’t help you feel light or bright!
  3. Smoothie power – smoothies make a great breakfast or snack and are perfect for the warmer months. Check out a great smoothie recipe here
  4. Suss out seafood – there are so many reasons nutrition wise for us to be enjoying more fish and other seafood. The oilier fishes like salmon and sardines are a great way to get some omega 3. Fish is also a great way to get a dose of protein at meals and snacks. Mussels are wonderful too, and really cheap! They are packed with iodine which we need to keep our thyroid working well, and most people in New Zealand don’t get anywhere near enough iodine. Why not put some mussels on the BBQ this weekend?
  5. Social movement – catch up with friends for a walk by the beach, hit the park for a game of frisbee or run around with your kids outside. Combining exercise with socialising is a winning formula for fun and fitness.

Enjoy a happy, healthy summer!

By Claire Turnbull. NZ Registered Nutritionist, AUT / Millennium Institute. For more information about Claire, visit her website: